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Table Reservation Terms

The Partner/Client agrees that pursuant to the execution of a Sales Order or a Partner Form in relation to the ‘Table Reservations & Feedback’ TLC Product/TLC SaaS Product, its agreement with TLC Digitech Private Limited (“TLC”) will also be governed by these product-specific terms and conditions which constitute a part of the Governing Documents.

Capitalised terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the relevant Governing Documents.

1. Table Reservation Terms

1.1. The product features of the TLC Table Reservation & Feedback module are given on the TLC website (give link) and as updated from time to time. The table reservation module comes at different levels for the features, which is defined in the SO/ Partner Form.

1.2. Partner/Client would be responsible for setting up rules for table reservations made through the Platforms/TLC Platforms such as:

(i) Outlet master which includes:

a. Outlet open and

b. Close rules.

(ii) Reservation master which includes:

a. Maximum covers allowed

b. Maximum inventory allowed

c. Upcoming reservation count

d. Upcoming reservation block

(iii) Content which includes:

a. Restaurant banner image

b. Restaurant descriptor

c. Outlet menu and outlet address

Above rules are necessary for TLC to confirm in real time the reservations made by the Customers on the Platforms/TLC Platforms and to correctly reflect the reservation availability to the Customers. Reservations will be made on this basis.

1.3. The Customers shall use the Platforms/TLC Platforms to make table reservations. TLC shall confirm these orders in real time on the basis of rules and content set up for the relevant participating hotel/outlets of the Partner/Client on the Platforms/TLC Platforms.

1.4. Upon completion of a table reservation by the Customer, TLC shall in real time share the reservation on the Platform/TLC Platform with the relevant participating hotel/outlet for the purpose of information and action (in case of a confirmed reservation) and confirmation and action (in case of a waitlisted reservation).

1.5. The Customer may cancel or modify the reservation on Platforms/TLC Platforms within the permissible cancellation window. In the event the reservation is cancelled on the Platforms/TLC Platforms, the platform shall trigger an automatic communication of the cancellation to the hotel/outlet. In the event the cancellation is received directly by the Partner/Client, the Partner/Client will cancel the reservation on the Partner Application or other relevant platform and inform TLC by email.

1.6. The Client/Partner agrees and acknowledges that TLC shall not be responsible to the Customers for fulfilment of the table reservations, dining/meal experience, order-fulfilment and/or cancellations and any deficiency/defects in the services provided to the Customers at the Partner’s/Client’s hotel or restaurant. Any failure, deficiency, claims, demands, proceedings, liabilities and losses arising in relation to the quality of food, reservation of tables or related matters shall solely be the responsibility of the Client/Partner.

2. Partner/Client Obligations and Covenants

2.1. The Partner/Client warrants that it shall:

(i) ensure that food and beverages provided to the Customers are of high quality and fit for human consumption;

(ii) be compliant with the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and the rules, regulations, licenses, standards and guidelines issued thereunder (“FSS Act”);

(iii) be compliant with all other Applicable Laws in relation to its business operations.

2.2. The Partner/Client shall display on the TLC Platforms/Platforms its license/registration under the FSS Act and its hygiene grading as may be assigned by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

2.3. The Partner/Client acknowledges and agrees that it will be solely responsible for the experiences of the Customers at the hotel/outlet and fulfilment of their orders.

2.4. For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that TLC is not responsible or liable to the Customers for the: (a) quality of the goods/services advertised on the Platforms/TLC Platforms or otherwise; (b) processing of the orders/reservations; (c) misconduct / illegal activities of the Partner’s/Client’s staff at the hotel/outlet. TLC shall not be liable for any acts or omissions on part of Partner’s/Client’s staff relating to deficiency in service, quality of service, food safety and quality, and delays/defects in services.

2.5. The Partner/Client shall address and resolve all Customer complaints received by TLC relating to the efficacy, quality or any other issues relating to the Partner’s/Client’s services expeditiously and within the timelines prescribed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs or any other authority from time to time. Further, the Partner/Client shall be solely liable and bound to take action on complaints raised by Customers pertaining to the table reservations and order(s).

2.6. The Partner/Client warrants that it shall display all information on its menu relating to calorie content, food allergens, logos for vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, nutritional information, and such other mandatory information prescribed under the FSS Act and Applicable Laws.

2.7. The Partner/Client warrants that it complies and will remain compliant with the FSS Act, Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the applicable rules and regulations made thereunder, and all hygiene, food safety standards and licensing requirements under Applicable Laws. TLC shall not be liable for any prosecutions/claims relating to violation of hygiene standards at the restaurant or accuracy of hygiene ratings (if any).