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We deliver white label solutions aligned with our clients’ brand standards. We also develop identity, brand standards, UX and UI, as may be required.

Club Marriott South Asia and Gourmet Club Kenya | TLC Digitech works on world class tech platforms

Tech Platforms

Product | Mobile App | Website Solutions | Data Monetisation

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Customized to different audiences with differential benefits structure, price and duration for different markets like retail, partners, corporates, associations etc

Delivered in real-time through digital benefits management (card, vouchers etc.) integrated with a payment gateway

Marketing promo codes, activation codes and dynamic promo codes created by email whitelisting of corporates

E-Referral Programs

Benefits Management

Digital card and voucher issuance and redemptions with related audit trails through a backend fulfillment app

Digital voucher management

Instant redemption


Scheduling of gifts

Gifts can be sent with a personalized message or video

Reservations & Feedback

Room, restaurant and spa

Inventory management by date and time

Real-time confirmations

Promo codes for marketing purposes

Feedback and responses


Order taking on digital assets and transferring an Order to the Hotel in real time

Back-end management of the Orders related to

  • Delivery
  • Take-away
  • Gifting
TLC Digitech corporate office

Contact Centre

Omnichannel Connect

Services include outbound voice, multichannel inbound and focus on customer acquisition and life cycle management

Focus on Customer Experience

Trained core teams managing an extremely high profile customer base of top hotel companies with high level of compliance and quality checks


Salesforce Service Cloud with omnichannel integration including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, chat and voice

Processes and Tracking

Case management and ticketing system

Escalations matrix with TAT

Dashboard reporting and NPS tracking

Digital marketing and Martech TLC Digitech

Digital Marketing and MarTech

Website Development

Website development: UI / UX and implementation | | |

Mobile App

Implementation of Firebase, Adobe Analytics, Branch to track journeys and efficacy of digital interaction

AB testing

Marketing Automation and Campaigns

Component based designs

Email, push notifications, pop ups

Automated journeys on Adobe Campaign


Case management and ticketing system

Escalations matrix with TAT

Dashboard reporting and NPS tracking

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Building digital presence across social media networks and enhancing brand engagements and reach with select influencers

Performance Marketing

Designing and managing digital campaigns for targeted audiences and delivering app installs, leads, followers, brand retention and more

Careers with TLC Digitech


Acquisition | e-Marketplace

TLC DigiTech has the capability to curate offers and programs customized to Partners.


Curated memberships with different offers and duration or a voucher package for employee programs, incentives or gifting. Example: Advantage Club


Reaching out to online and offline networks and promoting customized value propositions. Example: YPOs

Financial Institutions

Bundling of specially curated benefits package or memberships for high networth customers and card holders, for acquisition or as milestone incentives


Showcasing and promoting third party products on our apps and websites to reach a high-end, captive and targeted audience

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