Revealed: The surprising criteria top gourmet restaurants use to pick their table reservation software

What are the factors that matter the most to a gourmet restaurant to select a system for making table reservations?

In this fast-paced digital world even the most exclusive restaurants feel the need for better table management to ensure a high likelihood of assured covers. As consumers become more and more reliant on digital means of communication and have an expectation to find complete information presented to them before they decide, the restaurants too would like to leverage on data to provide an enhanced experience to new and returning patrons.

In search for the best online table reservation software, in addition to various features, one must appreciate aspects of data privacy and future possibilities of commercial interaction of the brands with individuals. Brands must be smart about selecting a future ready, shock-proof, robust system that is compliant and ready for implementation beyond borders.

We have listed down the top points that luxury restaurants must keep in mind while selecting a partner to set up their table reservation and feedback modules.

1. Ease of integration using world class technology

One of the most challenging aspects while implementing new technology into existing systems is predicting its impact on the existing systems. The restaurants must select partners that use world-class integration free technology that seamlessly acts as an add on to the existing system while providing real-time updates.

2. Recognize your customers

One of the most reliable ways to provide a personalized experience to customers is the ability to remember their preferences by referring to their previous feedback, remember their special days like birthdays and anniversaries to help forge a bond with them that creates lasting memories every time they visit.

3. Provide all information and access to your customers

Empower your customers with the location, menu, add to calendar, add to wallet feature, speak with the chef and the ability to share special requests to make their visit personalized and special every time they visit.

4. Promocodes and POS integrated redemptions

While billing, the user can simply share the promo code that is applied to their invoice for ease of billing, thus saving time and effort for the restaurant. On the customers part, the reservations can easily be stored on their apple wallet for swift access of the reservation.

5. Single Reservation Timeline View

Enable the restaurant’s on-ground staff to be better equipped with managing the floor with a single reservation timeline view and MIS on a handheld device with the restaurant reservation software.

6. Omnichannel Contact Center

Connectivity and instant resolution for escalations is an important part of providing the high paying customers with a good experience. It’s important to consider the availability of such a service where issues can be addressed, or communication can be established immediately.

7. Post experience feedback

Knowing the experience of the customers is what keeps restaurants informed about what they are doing right and if there are any areas of improvement. Customers are happy to share their thoughts and opinions about their experience and feel seen and included when the restaurant responds to the same. Feedback and response are important for any reservation software, which also helps in building trust and establishing credibility for new customers looking for online table reservation at the restaurant.

In the world of hospitality, experience and convenience is paramount. Selecting the correct partner is the factor that will determine true success, scale and keep customers coming back again and again.